Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Northlands Getting Out of the Game

Northlands Park up in Edmonton has officially announced 2016 will be the last year of horse racing, both Thoroughbred and Standardbred, at the track. It will be replaced with a football or hockey stadium or something that doesn't interest me.

      This is an incredibly frustrating time to be a horseman in Alberta. Stampede shut down in 2008, the Thoroughbreds moved to Edmonton and the harness folks got to run around from Grande Prairie to Lacombe. Century Downs finally opens up near Calgary last year, the province looks like it will finally have a solid two city, two track set up again, and now Edmonton is out of the picture.

    Thoroughbred horsemen in Alberta should be worried, I think. Century Downs has yet to solidify Thoroughbred dates, and harness racing is a cheaper game to host. Horse Racing Alberta has said on Twitter that they are looking to get a new track built in Edmonton, but it took seven years for a new track to open in Calgary and there's no guarantee it won't take longer for a new Edmonton track to become a reality.

      In the meantime, Northlands is a track that should be on your radar for 2016. They offer the lowest WPS takeout in North America at 14.5%, they have a $1min P4 that has carryovers once in a while, and they offer a 10% takeout Pick 5 with a $1min that also frequently carries. There's value there for those who are interested.

      Hopefully everything works out in Alberta and there'll be a replacement track in a reasonable amount of time. I'm very disappointed that I can say almost certainly I will never get to spend a day at the races at Northlands. That's the way things go, however.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

What Would You Do With $9?

Blog life has been a little slow for me recently, I stopped posting Hialeah selections in favour of just focusing on betting. Luckily it's gone well, I'm in the black on the meet, and my handle has gotten up to a point it has never been to for me.

      This week, I will get my first rebate from my ADW. I have bet just over $1,400 this week, and I am getting back $8.98. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, it's (almost) $9 I didn't have before. But let me ask a question: what should I do with my $9?

      This is a big question. $9 can't buy me a full lunch at the track. It doesn't pay for a Pick 4 ticket. It could buy one DRF, but I have an Equibase PP subscription for the Quarter Horse races I bet and most of the time if I need a DRF I can find a way to get it for free.

     The $9 I'm getting back for my $1,400 in handle really doesn't do much for me. It certainly doesn't encourage me to get any closer to the $3,750 handle/week tier where I get a slightly higher % back. I really have no idea what I'm going to do with my $9 rebate.

EDIT: $9 buys about 4 and a half coffees at Tim Horton's. That's probably what I'll do.