Thursday, 27 August 2015

Feeling Valued as a Customer

I was checking Twitter last night (what else is new?) and I stumbled upon this goodie from Josh Hanson.
Josh, like myself, is a Canadian and bets through HPI. Josh, unlike myself, bets a reasonable amount of money.

At this point in the year, Josh is wagering about $2,300/week. At this point in the year, I have maybe bet $2,500. Maybe a bit more. I'm not sure.

Josh got a nice HPI pen from a customer service rep. I have gotten two nice HPI pens from Grand River Raceway this summer. I lost them both, but that's beyond the point.

If Josh wants a rebate from HPI, based on his weekly average of $2,300, he's at best eligible for a 0.5% rebate. If he lived in Ontario or British Columbia, he could get 0.75% on his province's product.
That's one of the biggest head scratchers in racing, to me. How can a customer worth about $110,000 in handle/year get barely any more respect than a customer worth $5,000 (or less.)? I'm not sure what a customer in racing has to do to be treated well by a track/ADW, but it seems to be quite a bit.

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