Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Hubbard's Next Move Will Speak Volumes

There have been some interesting happenings at Ruidoso Downs as of late.

      Last fall it was announced that Ruidoso would be implementing heavy surveillance and "super testing" for it's six Quarter Horse Triple Crown races. R. D. Hubbard, the owner of Ruidoso Downs, called cheaters "a cancer to horse racing."

     Well, it turns out the super testing is working, as trainer Michael Joiner ended up getting four positives for clenbuterol. The kicker: one of the horses is co-owned by Hubbard.

     I'm incredibly curious to see what Hubbard will do next. One would hope that he would take all of his horses out of Joiner's stable and not allow him to race at Ruidoso. But, this is horse racing, and it wouldn't surprise me if Hubbard were to keep quiet and Joiner ends up going unpunished aside from any fines and suspensions from the New Mexico Racing Commission.

      Hubbard's efforts to clean up his track have been commendable, but if he expects people to take him seriously he must put the hammer down on Joiner. The rules are great, but they don't mean much if they don't apply to everybody.

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