Monday, 23 February 2015

Mahoning Valley Racecourse Photos

I had nothing to do on Saturday, and I decided there was a better option than sit around all day: drive five and a half hours from my home in small-town Ontario to Youngstown, Ohio to check out the world's youngest racetrack, Mahoning Valley Racecourse. Was it worth it? Yes. I had fun, made some money, took some photos and got to see a new place. Here are some of my pictures.

The main entrance to the casino

The grandstand's main floor. Shelter on a snowy day.
The grandstand. Small, but nice and efficient
The infield toteboard
Money Makes and Yuri Yaranga win the opener easily
Horses being saddled for the second race
Madam Grace shipped in from Tampa to win the 3rd easily under Jane Magrell
My first bet at Mahoning Valley was a winner
Wear the Mask, a rare white horse, in the paddock
The 5th race field enters the clubhouse turn
Take a Walk & T. D. Houghton get up to win the 6th
The paddock & walking ring
Hope's Frog Song & Megan Fadlovich win the day's feature, an Ohio-bred non winners of two allowance
This is Something Nice. She's raced three times now and has promise. I share her because chestnuts with white blazes are the most adorable things. I love them.
And they're off!

      Mahoning Valley is exactly what you would expect a brand new slots track to be: a fairly large building that's about 75% casino. I estimated around 500 people in attendance on the racing side, but I saw some racing TVs in my glimpses into the casino. The racing facility offers a restaurant, a sports bar and a concession stand. It's clean and well kept, and the apron and paddock will be very nice to hang out at when the snow melts. Is it a particularly noteworthy track? No. There's nothing very unique about it, but it's fun. I enjoyed myself, and I don't think many people wouldn't have a genuinely fun time there.


  1. Pretty unique opportunity to see a white Thoroughbred race in the snow. Glad to hear the place is worth a visit.

    Also, I'd be remiss if I didn't point while jumping up and down at Michigan-bred Money Makes getting the W while you were there. The Michigan connections (chiefly Spiess and Gorham) are doing well for themselves at MVR.

  2. I haven't been to Mahoning Valley but I have visited Dayton Raceway. Except for thoroughbreds running instead of standardbreds, the two facilities look identical based on your photos.