Thursday, 24 July 2014

Saratoga & Del Mar: Pick 5 vs Pick 6

This is something I looked into out of curiosity. After six days of racing at both tracks, here is the total handle for the low takeout Pick 5s and the Pick 6s at Saratoga and Del Mar.

Saratoga P5 Handle: $1,875,477
Avg Pool: $312,579.50
Takeout: $281,321.55

Saratoga P6 Handle: $778,986
Avg Pool: $129,831
Takeout: $160,416.22

Del Mar P5 Handle: $3,130,175
Avg Pool: $521,695.83
Takeout: $438,223.58

Del Mar P6 Handle: $2,096,407
Avg Pool: $349,401
Takeout: $496,429.09

     This is the first year Saratoga has had the low takeout Pick 5, and it is proving to be quite successful. The Pick 6 has been unlucky thus far, as it has only had two small carryovers. The Pick 6 pool doesn't grow as fast in New York as it does in California. Now the average pool size and revenue will increase when the Pick 6 gets a few larger carryovers, but the Pick 5 is doing very well at this point.

     At Del Mar, the Pick 6 is generating more revenue than the Pick 5 at this point. They have had three carryovers so far, and like I said above, the Pick 6 gets bigger pools on the West Coast. One thing I've noticed is that Del Mar has an ad in the Daily Racing Form for the Pick 4 and Pick 6, without a mention of the Pick 5. Despite it's lack of advertisement, it is outdoing the Pick 6 in the handle department, and if the Pick 6 has a Saratoga-esque run of no carryovers, there's a good chance takeout in the Pick 5 will be on par with the Pick 6.

     We'll see how handle and takeout on these wagers go throughout the meet. It is an interesting this to look at.

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