Wednesday, 18 June 2014

A Quick Idea on Bringing ADW Players Back to the Track

I'm pretty sure the majority of us do our betting from an ADW site. Online wagering has become the most convenient and most valuable way to play the races. Many ADWs and rebate shops offer big players (and even some more casual players) value that they cannot get at the track. The world is very internet-centric.
     But I'm curious; is there a way to get ADW players back to the racetrack? Most big tracks have free WiFi now. At least I'm pretty sure they do. Woodbine does, Belmont does, I have to think most of the others do as well. Anyways, if a track has free WiFi, couldn't they partner up with ADWs to offer on track rebates to ADW players? 
     For example, let's say NYRA partnered up with TVG. Players who came to the track, but connected to the NYRA wifi and played through their TVG account would receive a 5% rebate. Maybe this wouldn't attract the biggest of rebate players, but you would have to think it would attract a decent amount of local players who have been choosing to play conveniently from home.
     At the end of the day, playing horses is about making money. If racetracks want players to come back to the track and fill up the stands, they'll need to do something to make the on track wagering experience more profitable.

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