Sunday, 4 May 2014

Woodbine's Derby Weekend Numbers

I spent a fair bit of my weekend the same way I usually do; handicapping and watching Woodbine. Out of curiosity, I took some time to compare the handle and field size numbers from last year's Derby weekend at Woodbine to this year's. Here is what I found.

10 races, 76 horses
$2,719,484 handle
10 races, 79 horses
$3,881,659 handle
10 races, 79 horses
$3,019,598 handle

Total: 7.8avg field size, $9,620,741 handle, $320,691/race

9 races, 64 horses
$2,199,172 handle
10 races, 79 horses
$3,896,421 handle
9 races, 71 horses
$3,270,560 handle

Total: 7.6avg field size, $9,366,153 handle, $334,505/race

Friday 2014 was rough, 7.1 average field size and just a general undesirable card of racing. Derby day itself was about on par with last year, the field size was the same, handle was up $14,762. So a
slight increase. Sunday was where things got very interesting. Despite the fact that there were only 9 races, and average field size was the same, handle this year was up $250,962. That's a very significant amount of money.

It's been a very rough start to the Woodbine meet. The first few weeks were plagued with unbettable races with five or six horse fields, and the handle really took a hit. Now things seem to be getting back to normal, and things are looking up. They put out a solid card on Saturday and the betting was slightly up. They put out another solid card on Sunday and things went way up. I'm hoping that so long as the field sizes are solid, we will keep seeing increases. If Sunday's card was an indication of things to come, the future is very bright for Woodbine.

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