Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The Payouts Are Getting Lower

We've been through 14 days of racing so far at Churchill, or Takeout Increase Downs, and to celebrate both the effects of the takeout increase, and the fact that they announced intentions to raise the rake at the Fair Grounds (shocking, right?), let's take a look at how the payouts at Churchill compare to last year.

I took a look at the exactor payouts from the first 14 days of racing last year and this year. In 2013, with 149 races, the average $2 exactor payout was $81.66. If you remove Oaks and Derby day, that average is $67.33. Only 14 exactors paid $15 or less. This year, with 143 races, the average $2 payout has been $64.88. Remove Oaks and Derby day, it's $58.84. 24 exactors have paid $15 or less. It may be time to nickname Louisville "Chalk City."

We've seen the field sizes collapse. We've seen the handle go down. If you hadn't already seen it, or wanted proof, we've seen the payouts go down. The Churchill Downs product is becoming completely unappealing. If you are still playing Churchill, I certainly don't understand why.

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