Monday, 17 February 2014

Why I Should Be the New Racing Secretary

Woodbine is looking for a new Thoroughbred Racing Secretary. Now, I have proven to be a pretty poor handicapper in the last week or so, so I've decided to change career paths. If the lovely people at WEG are willing to hire me, this is what you can expect at Woodbine.

  • Changes to ON-Sired races. Many horsemen have Ontario Sired horses, but they always get stuck in big fields of 12, 13, 14 or whatever, and they can't win. I am going to cap the field size of Ontario Sired races at six. That way, more horsemen and their Ontario Sired rats, as the horsemen prefer to call them, can win. The gamblers won't be happy about this, but let me explain how this benefits them. Ontario Sired races are pains in the ass to handicap and are hardly worth the time. With only six horses, you won't have to waste what seems like forever on a race full of garbage. I will also add a rule that states that any horse who has finished off the board in three consecutive claiming races for $10,000 or less is eligible to run in Ontario Sired races, regardless of their sire.
  • Mark Casse Match Races. Whenever you look at a Woodbine race, you almost always see a Casse-trainee, and a lot of them look very tough to beat. Instead of having Casse's horses run with everybody else, everyday we will have two "Mark Casse Match Races." These are thrilling events where a Casse-trainee faces off against one horse from another stable. Since Casse has what seems to be half of the horse population, this gives everybody a chance to participate.
  • The Woodbine Festival of Racing. The Queen's Plate, Woodbine Mile, Canadian International, E.P. Taylor, Neartic, and the Woodbine Oaks will all be run on the same day called "The Woodbine Festival of Racing." I will work to make sure that all of these races get significant purse increases.
  • Stakes ONLY on Turf Course. We don't like ruining our fine E.P. Taylor Turf Course. The cheapest turf races currently being written at Woodbine are $40,000 claimers and Ontario Sired Maiden and Allowances races. However, even these are too much for our precious turf course. From now on, the turf course will be used for Stakes Races only.  The rail will be out in lane 3 with the exception of Grade 1 races, where it will be in lane 2. No race is good enough for the true rail. Besides, everybody loves the polytrack.
So there you have it. I will be sending this to WEG and giving it to all of the trainers and owners. Thank you for your support!

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