Friday, 21 February 2014

Paddock Handicapping

I really dislike paddock reporters at racetracks. I think that for the most part they ramble pointlessly and the 'insight' they provide is useless to the bettor. However, I do think that being able to identify a nice, fit looking horse in the paddock is important.
     A horse's appearance in relation to it's preferred running style is very relative. I hear too frequently paddock reporters say a horse looks like a sprinter and probably doesn't want to go the route, even when the horse has already won at a route distance before. Or some sort of variation of that. This is not something we should be teaching bettors who do not know about identifying a good paddock horse. We need to teach handicappers what to look for in a fit horse. So here's my idea.
     Once a month, have a seminar with a trainer and a pedigree expert to teach people what they look for in a fit horse. Since they are the people who know what you want to see in a horse physically better than most, they would make logical sense to do the teaching. With this seminar, the public can learn how to make intelligent observations on their own. This will also bring trainers into the spotlight more, something that many people seem to want.
     There is a lot of things a good handicapper must learn. In horse racing, knowledge and information are the best tools you can have. Teaching the public how to analyse a horse's physical appearance will create better handicappers and (hopefully) more winning bettors. It certainly cannot hurt.

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